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Transportation Labour & Employment Law

John-Edward C. Hyde’s pre-law background is in operations and human resources management within the transportation industry. John has a unique appreciation and understanding of the transportation business, which sets him apart from most other lawyers in the industry.

Prior to becoming a labour and employment lawyer, John held the following positions within the transportation industry:
• Dock Hand/Dock Supervisor
• Shunt Driver
• Courier
• Line Haul Driver
• Lead Hand/Supervisor (Courier, LTL and Air Freight)
• Human Resources Administrator

John’s professional background is firmly rooted within the trucking industry. His experience has provided him with the distinctive ability to assist transportation clients in the formulation of practical legal solutions, specifically tailored to their needs.

John is a member of the Transportation Lawyers Association of America and the Canadian Transport Lawyers’ Association. John also sits on the Board of Directors for the North American Transportation Employee Relations Association. He is the author of a number of articles in various labour and employment publications, and has presented many seminars and speeches on transportation labour relations throughout Canada and the United States.

Transportation Labour and Employment Law is a highly specialized field of practice. Labour relations are governed by either Provincial or Federal legislation, depending upon whether the Company crosses provincial and/or international boundaries. Most of the transportation companies you recognize on the roads, air, rail or sea, are governed by Federal labour and employment legislation.

This translates into an entirely different legal environment, dealing with everything from labour unions and employment standards, to human rights and occupational health and safety. For instance, most employers are not aware that, under federal regulation, a non-unionized employee can file a claim for unjust dismissal pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, instead of suing for wrongful dismissal in a Court of Justice. A successful unjust dismissal claim under the Canada Labour Code grants remedies such as ‘reinstatement with back-pay’ where no just cause for dismissal is found. Further, the terminated employee can be self- represented without the burden of legal costs, while the burden of proof falls upon the employer to establish that just cause exists. The differences between federal and provincial laws are as numerous as the pitfalls faced by employers generally.

What you need is a Transportation Labour and Employment Law Specialist; someone with in-depth practical and legal experience; a lawyer who knows the industry, as well as the law.

“Choose your Transportation Labour Lawyer carefully.”


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