May 1, 2023  By John Hyde

Most striking public sector workers are showing up on picket lines

Talks between the federal government and PSAC have intensified as each side accused the other of inflexibility on core issues

OTTAWA —  Most eligible civil servants are actively taking strike action and the numbers have been increasing as the dispute goes on, newly released data from the Treasury Board shows, as the massive strike enters its second weekend.

The new data comes just one week after the National Post revealed barely one-third of Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) 120,000 striking members cast a ballot on the biggest work stoppage in government history with just over 80 per cent supporting the walk-out.

Despite the low turnout in the vote, the majority of strike-eligible workers have been off the job and escalating strike action going into the second week. Picketers have targeted ports, airports and other economic chokepoints, while also stepping up protests around government office buildings.

The two sides are still trading offers and on Friday, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier’s press secretary Monica Granados said the federal government had tabled a new “comprehensive” offer, but did not provide details.

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