Human Resources

Hiring an experienced human resources lawyer to assist your company’s HR department will make a quantifiable difference, not only in dealing with contentious matters (i.e. employee discipline and terminations), but as a preventative measure by ensuring your contracts, policies and procedures do not expose the company to any future liability.

What is a Human Resources Lawyer?

Human Resources is a term that describes the department that is responsible for the administration and management of all employee-related activities within an organization. While a human resources professional is well suited to deal with non-contentious matters such as recruitment, screening, interviewing, payroll, benefits and training, human resources lawyers should be consulted when dealing with contentious matters like discipline, termination, investigations, accommodations, and protecting the company's interests. Employers should always hire human resources lawyers to draft important company documents, like employment contracts and workplace policies, that could expose the company to future liability if poorly constructed.

What types of services do Human Resources Lawyers provide?

We provide a wide variety of human resources services, including but not limited to:

  1. Workplace Policy Drafting
  2. Employment Contract Drafting
  3. Breach of Confidentiality
  4. Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation
  5. Employee Discipline
  6. Employee Termination
  7. Lay Off
  8. Independent Contractor Agreements
  9. Leave of Absence
  10. Pensions, Benefits and Disability
  11. Workplace Investigations

Why can't my HR professional handle these matters on their own?

Employers who ask this question, have never dealt with a costly, mishandled human resources matter. For instance, the precise wording of a termination provision in an employment contract can make a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars. A poorly carried out workplace investigation can result in an employment standards complaint or a constructive dismissal claim. A mishandled leave of absence can lead to a human rights complaint.

Unfortunately, most employers learn the hard way that contentious or potentially contentious human resources matters are best left in the hands of a qualified human resources lawyer. Do not let your company fall into this trap.

What other benefits are there to hiring a Human Resources Lawyer?

Integration. As any experienced employment lawyer will tell you, the majority of costly employment law matters can be significantly mitigated or even prevented with early and careful planning. If your human resources lawyer has been involved in the process of designing and implementing the policy, process, or contract in issue, they are better equipped to handle a dispute for you, or defend the company, in the event that such an issue does arise.  If your lawyer has done a good job on the human resources side, it will make their work much more effective and affordable, on the employer defence side.

What can Hyde HR Law do for my company?

The lawyers at Hyde HR Law are experts in human resources matters. Our services in human resources law and employer defence are integrated. We have seen workplace issues arise in countless different contexts, giving us the experience to guide your company through the most treacherous areas of human resources law, including employment contracts, accommodation of disabilities, employee discipline, termination, and workplace investigations, to name a few. We have also defended countless claims of all varieties on behalf of our employer clients. As a client, you will benefit from our years of experience in attending to human resources matters. Contact us today.

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